The Ultimate Guide to an Alkaline Diet for a Healthy Body

An Alkaline Diet for Healthy Life

Alkaline diet is a trendy diet that is vaunted for boosting health, weight loss, and even treating cancer. Since it was first introduced by Dr. Sebi, alkaline diet has become a sought after diet. The alkaline diet became hot news after Victoria Beckham tweeted about the diet in 2013. The popularity grew seismically after endorsement by Hollywood big names and other celebrities.


Understanding Alkaline Diet and How it Works

The theory behind alkaline food is that some foods make your body more acidic or more alkaline. This means that it can change your body PH, consequently impacting your health. The PH scale ranges from 0-14, and it tells how acid or alkaline certain substance is. PH 0 is very acidic while PH of 14 is very alkaline. You guessed it right, PH of 7 is neutral.

When you consume food, the body breaks it down, ultimately turning it into energy. The processes produce ash residue. According to alkaline diet theory, acid food leaves acidic ash while alkaline diet leaves alkaline ash, making you body acid or alkaline respectively.

Alkaline diet proponents claim that the ash residue or metabolic waste can affect the acidity of the body’s PH. They claim that the acidic ash makes your body more vulnerable to diseases and illness. By going the alkaline way, you alkalize your body and boost your health. [restrict]

Alkaline diet aims to make your body PH more alkaline. Acidic ash is considered to make your body vulnerable to disease while alkaline protects you. Sulfur, phosphates, and protein leave acidic ash while calcium, magnesium, and potassium are some alkaline components.

When you eat more acid-forming food than alkaline food, the net result is chronic low-grade metabolic acidosis.  Failure to neutralize this can cause detrimental effects in our body. The result is modern diseases such as osteoporosis.


Acidic diet Problems

Acidic diet or imbalance is not safe for our body. Some telltale signs include

  • Weight gain
  • Poor digestion
  • Muscle weakness
  • Kidney stones
  • Skin problems


Alkaline diet for beginners

If you experience the symptoms above you should base your diet majorly on acidic. It calls for alkalizing your body. This means that about 80 percent should be alkaline diet while the rest 20 percent can be an acidic diet and high protein food.  Once your pH balance is on the right track, you can lower the alkaline content in your food.

The good part is that it works for vegans and vegetarians now that eggs and dairy products are off the list. The emphasis on eating food with fruits and vegetables improves health, such as weight loss. Alkaline diet proponents claim that it can treat cancer and other serious diseases.

On the downside, alkaline diet prohibits many favorite foods allowed in moderation in other diet plans.  Therefore you have to get protein from plant-based proteins. Consequently, you have to ensure you get plenty of it.

Also, alkaline diet does not factor in exercises, which is a major contributor to wellness and weight loss. While the body has a mechanism to balance acidity, an alkaline diet can alleviate the stress that detoxification systems put in the body. This essentially maintains the health of integral organs systems of the body.


Alkaline diet plan

Fundamentally alkaline diet food plan reinforces conventional healthy food. Taking fruits, vegetables, and lots of water while you eschew processed meat, sugar, alcohol, and meat will improve your overall health. This means that you lose weight, lower cancer risk, and improve health.

Additionally, it reduces inflammation, which damages the DNA and causes cancer. Therefore, a diet that reduces inflammation can minimize cancer risk. You should know that while the diet will not affect body PH levels but will improve the overall health.

You definitely have to take water and too much of it. It is recommendable for women to take about 2 liters while men should take about 3 liters alkaline water daily. A proper diet works in tandem with exercise to improve your well being. Aim to exercise for about 30 minutes weekly. Also, use supplements unless you have health problems.

A typical alkaline meal plan would be:


  • Almond buttercrunch berry smoothie
  • Apple and almond butter oats


  • Kale pesto pasta
  • Sweet and savory salad


Alkaline Diet food list

Food can be grouped into acidic, neutral, or alkaline.

  • Acid food include meat, fish, eggs, dairy, alcohol grains, and poultry
  • Neutral food include Starches, Legumes, and sugars

Alkaline food includes nuts, tofu, legumes, seeds, fruits, seeds, avocado, vegetables, and fruits.

Avoid high acid food such as process fish, alcohol processed food, soda, coffee, and dairy products.


Alkaline Diet and Science

It is imperative to note that some of the body parts are alkaline while other is acidic. Your stomach is highly acidic due to the hydrochloric acid.  This aids digestion. Its pH ranges from 2- 3.5, which is highly acidic. On the other hand, the blood pH ranges from 7.36 -7.44, meaning it is always slightly alkaline.

The lungs and kidney maintain the blood Ph within the normal range. Outside this range, the cells would cease working a condition which could be fatal if untreated. It is almost impossible for food to affect blood pH. However, a diet will definitely affect urine pH. This means that urine is a poor indicator of the overall body Ph.

Diet, metabolism, and several other factors alter the pH of urine and saliva. Nothing you will eat will alter the body pH. From a scientific angle, claiming alkaline diet can treat chronic conditions and diseases like cancer is not entirely accurate or realistic. However, it tends to be healthy.

A study by the Journal of Environmental and Public Health concluded that alkaline food could improve cognition, improve memory loss as well as reduces risk of stroke and hypertension.

Theoretically, cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment but wouldn’t survive in the highly alkaline surrounding. However, these studies involved cells in a Petri dish. This environment is far much different from the complex composition of the human body. It is virtually impossible to change the ph human body.

According to research by America institute for Cancer research, alkalinity or acidity of food is not essential in regards to cancer risk. However eating food based on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans reduces cancer risk.

Alkaline food is also beneficial to people with chronic kidney diseases. Ideally, low protein diet based plenty in vegetable and fruits reduces acid intake and lowers the amount of acid managed by kidneys. According to the Journal of Renal Nutrition article in 2017, alkaline diet reduces kidney damage and slows the progression of chronic kidney diseases.

Tracy Lockwood owner of Tracy Lockwood Nutrition says, “Some acidic foods are quite healthy like eggs and walnuts.”


There is no proof that alkaline can raise blood pH. Fundamentally, the alkaline diet can improve your health but not in the way proponents claim. By reducing the consumption of fatty meat opting for vegetables and fruits can offer health benefits.


Alkaline diet Benefits

An alkaline diet can lower risk of heart disease, kidney diseases, diabetes, and cancer. It is generally beneficial for human health. It is suitable for people with a no history of health conditions.


Weight loss

The basis of weight loss is consuming fewer calories than the body burns.  A diet that has low calories and fat enhanced by a healthy diet can promote weight loss. The alkaline diet has few Calories hence helping people lose weight.


Cancer preventions

Advocates of the alkaline diet claim that it can reverse cancer or help with chemotherapy.  So far, there is no scientific evidence to back up the argument. However, a Study by European Journal of Cancer suggests that cutting down on meat consumption and having a diet more based on vegetables, fruits, and whole grains might prevent cancer. Also, the Mediterranean diet and diet rich in fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin A can reduce the risk of cancer.


Heart disease

Heart disease is a leading cause of deaths in the United States. Poor nutrition is one of the leading contributors. This is where the alkaline diet comes in handy. It consists of low calories and fat. It does away with processed and red meat, which causes heart disease.



Osteoporosis is a common disease in postmenopausal women. It is caused by reduced mineral content in the bones, which significantly increases the risk of fractures.

An alkaline diet is rich in vegetables and fruits which improve bone health. It is also low in protein, which enhances bone health. Ultimately, the alkaline diet may prevent the risk of osteoporosis.


Muscle health

As people get old, their muscle mass reduces, which contribute to chronic pain and weakness. An Alkaline diet study showed that alkaline diet boosts muscles health. A group of females following the alkaline diet increased their muscle mass significantly compared to their counterparts.

Other benefits include

  • Prevents the formation of plaque in blood vessels
  • Reduces stroke and hypertension risk
  • Preserve muscle mass and bone density
  • Lower chronic pain and inflammation
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Reduces the symptoms of back pain.


Alkaline diet Side effects

Most people resort to drinking alkaline water in a quest to alkalize the body. However, this may lead to possible side effects. In a bid to curtail unhealthy food, some healthy foods are also locked out. For instance Amino acids and fatty acids are crucial requirements in the body. This means that some people are left with not enough protein or feeling hungry. Some of the disadvantages of alkaline diet include:

Reducing immunity

Alkaline water lowers the stomach acidity. The acid prevents pathogens from entering your blood and kills bacteria.  By reducing acidity, you hamper these critical functionalities.

It also causes:

  • Causes Skin irritation
  • Causes Gastrointestinal problems
  • Leads to Metabolic alkalosis which causes nausea, muscle twitching, vomiting and hand tremors
  • Affects bone health due to a decrease in free calcium



An alkaline diet can help to boost overall health, although it does not change the blood pH. However, excluding some nutrient from your diet can impinge on your health. This means that while an alkaline diet that is low in protein can help in weight loss, it may increase the risk of other health problems such as weak bones. Generally, it is a great diet if followed sagaciously. It is prudent to engage your doctor before getting started on an alkaline diet. [/restrict]