Feed To Turn Your Brain To A Superbrain

What’s the Right Diet for a Super Brain?

Who doesn’t want a superbrain? In our lives, most of us devote considerable time for studying in order to have the best grades, for planning and preparing in order to increase a business or a project success. Many people dream of additional brain capabilities so they make better choices, solve problems faster and rapidly evolve in their career. And such people are constantly looking for tips and methods that may help them upgrade their brains. Fortunately, there is no need to look for brain boosters further than your plate.


In fact, feeding habits have always been associated with the development of the human civilization. Humans have learned through experience how to select natural ingredients form their environment and how to turn them into assets that either help them physically or mentally. Alimentary products have been suspected to affect the mental capabilities from a long time ago both positively and negatively. For example, Humans discovered the distracting effects of alcohol from fermented fruits, vegetables and cereals since the Babylonians. Prehistoric populations knew that Opium had a strong capacity to reduce awareness and depending on the dose, they used Opium extract as a sedative or poison since 500 BCE.


Nowadays, after thousands of years of technological advances and worldwide scientific efforts we can say with certainty what aliments have a positive influence on human’s cognitive abilities and by which mechanisms these aliments affect our nervous system. Let’s see what products you should definitely have in your kitchen in order to boost your brain through healthy food habits: