Brain Stroke In The Elderly

Understanding Brain stroke in Older People

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Causes and symptoms of stroke in older people

The most common symptoms of a stroke are the elderly. Stroke, especially in older people, is one of the most difficult diseases that some people experience. They cause many difficult results and complications. It is also one of the sudden attacks that occur without preparation and cause clogging or rupture of one of the vessels. Leading to a complication of a place that lacks access to blood, including loss of consciousness or partial or total paralysis or dysfunction of some functions in the brain such as memory and is one of the emergency medical cases that must be dealt with urgently To avoid multiplication The fast and this in our article we will talk about some of the symptoms of stroke in the elderly as well as their causes and severity factors.


Major causes of stroke Elderly

  • Some blockages may occur in one of the tiny cerebral vessels, making it difficult to deliver blood to that location.
  • Some may start clotting in the carotid artery and then pass down to the brain.
  • The most common causes are excessive and sudden high blood pressure leading to bleeding in the brain. This is most often caused by some head injuries, some drugs or an explosion of a blood vessel.