Maintaining The Health Of The Elderly, Is This Possible?

How To Ensure Old People’s Health Do Not Deteriorate

If we want to call things by their names, aging is not a comfortable issue. The process of aging actually occurs in living organisms and in most cases involves suffering and various diseases, some of which are serious and chronic (like diabetes, dementia, Parkinson’s, various heart diseases, cancer, etc). In addition, many elderly people suffer It is important to note that with age, dramatic adverse changes occur in the health of the elderly, body composition, weight, brain function, vitality, mood, level of daily movement, etc. The way to avoid this is, Of course, proper behavior during all life circles especially – In old age.


When it comes to the health of the elderly and adopting a healthy lifestyle, it is important to scrutinize the small details. A small habit usually gives wonderful results after a few months or a year. For example, reducing a tablespoon of absolutely unnecessary olive oil in lettuce salad which is itself rich in fat (nuts in this case) leads to a reduction of 3 kg at the end of the year. Another example is the extent of physical activity. If caloric intake during the week increases from 800 calories per week to 1500 within six months, the effect on the health situation will be very clear. At this point, we recall that with age progression more significant decline in functionality occurs, so cannot compare in terms of physical functioning, the first 50 years and 50 years, which constitute the second part of life. Sometimes it can even be described as 50-year-old good and 50-year-low quality.


The point here is that every generation can make a change! Even when we suffer greatly from depression, heart disease, various musculoskeletal diseases and so on. The goal, in most cases, is not cured of the disease, but mainly the significant reduction of medicines used, improving the quality of life, and so on. It is interesting that perhaps the patient with type 1 diabetes, now 79 years old, will live two or three years more than a friend who is the same age and enjoys good health, but this is not the main point because attention must be on the quality of human life, and less on life expectancy.