Elder Orphans – A Real Rising Problem

When Old Age Parents Become An Orphan


Who are Elder Orphans?

Old age parents are aging alone with multiple chronic diseases and are residing distant from family or friends. It is a challenge to identify such individuals, often struggling and managing with their growing difficulties. If any individual lives alone or far distance from family or friends, that person is considered as an elder orphan. It’s hard enough to grow older with family near, but when an individual has no near and dear around to count for help, it can be unhealthy and depressing. It is a time to accept that Elder orphans – A real rising problem.

We all lead our early days in a comfortable and safe place of our own. We prefer to value our privacy and independence. We are in a mindset that we can do anything alone. But, one thing we forget that what will happen when there is a change in our physical and mental capabilities i.e. when we reach our boomer years. Will it be possible to depend on our willpower to fight with the high risk of immobility and dependence that we get from aging?

Older adults aging alone i.e. elder orphans may find themselves isolated and even find it tough to accomplish daily tasks and increase their risk of cognitive health decline, cardiovascular diseases, and even early death. To understand how most of the elder orphans look like, let’s take an example of a 76 year old man who was admitted in a hospital. He was dehydrated, malnourished, bedsores, depressed and had cuts on his wrists. For years, he had been living isolated from the world. His relatives haven’t contacted him for more than a year. The hospital couldn’t continue with his treatments so he was passed on to a nursing home to wait the rest of his life.

Certainly, the effects of aging affects adversely on an elder orphans as they need to concern if they can’t care of themselves and that too when no one is around. The majority of elder orphans are of women. The stress of living alone worsen the situation of elder orphans. Elder orphans are mainly due to childless marriages, children refuse to take care of them and divorced individuals.


Who are at a risk of growing as an Elder Orphans?

None of us are spared from the risk of elder orphans – A real rising problem. Still, some of the conditions that can lead to risk the most are: