Dentistry In The New Millennium

2019 Current Practices in Dentistry

The dawn of 21st Century brought with it the concept of planet Earth being a ‘Global Village’. New ideas were discussed, inventions made and standards redefined. The world started changing at a pace never witnessed before by mankind. As citizens of this global village, people of all professions embraced this idea of quality enhancement and excellence be it social sector, businesses, agriculture, engineering, information technology or medicine.


Like other professional fields Healthcare industry has also come a long way and with every passing day new benchmarks are being set.[1][2] Dentistry, being a significant part of health sector, has had its fare share of progress and innovation. New trends are being established, new schools of thought being formulated and with all that progress being made, a new perception being created in public eye regarding oral health in particular and dentistry in general.


There was a time when the only solution to a painful tooth was to pull it out, as confirmed by the centuries old widely used saying in the Indian Subcontinent “Ilaaj-e-Dandaan, Ikhraaj-e-Dandaan” (translated as ‘The only remedy for a diseased tooth is to Remove it’). But today dental health has evolved into a very advanced field where people are being provided with a wide variety of treatment options for a single dental problem.

Here we will outline some of the aspects in which dentistry and dental health has really evolved over the period of time: