How To Deal With Nasal Bleeding In Young Children

Stop a bleeding nose

Although nasal bleeding may be very common in young children, nasal bleeding can be a terrifying experience for the child and his parents. Find out why nosebleeds occur, how to stop them, how to calm your baby, and how to prevent nose bleeding.


Assess the situation

If nosebleeds are caused by a fall or other injury, make sure there are no serious injuries (especially if the child has fallen on his face or has any trauma to the head).

If your child falls on his face or receives a trauma in the head and there is swelling associated with bleeding, seek medical treatment as soon as possible as because his nose may be broken.

Go to the best place to deal with a bleeding nose

If possible, take your child to the bathroom (or any room that does not have carpets as blood may cause the carpets to stain). If you are in a public place, it is best to move the young child away from public places, as he or she may be disturbed by people staring at him.