Children Foot Pain

How to treat foot pain for children

Many children may experience foot pain as they grow due to a variety of reasons. If your child complains about pain in his feet, the child may have growing pains in the heel bone, he may have medical problems in his feet such as flat feet, or maybe wearing inappropriate shoes. Foot and ankle pain are common in children at the ages of seven to eight due to the enormous activity that children do such as jogging frequently every day. Before you can treat your child’s foot pain, it is important that you identify the main cause of this pain and get a diagnosis from a medical professional.

Identify the cause of the foot problem

Ask your child where he feels pain in his foot

  • Has the child consulted you on the area or areas where he feels severe pain or pulse in his feet? The child may also have pain in other areas of his foot, such as the knees, ankles, or leg muscles.
  • Ask your child to indicate the specific areas of pain, this will help you locate the pain in your child’s foot and identify possible causes of it.
  • If the pain is in his heel, he may have severe disease,┬áit is also known as “painful heel” or “pediatric heel” and is due to disorders in the growth of your child’s footboard and is common in children active in a sports field, especially during early puberty.
  • If a child complains about a pain in his whole foot, and in the ankles and calf muscles, he may have flat feet in this case.

Determine if your child has injured his foot

  • Falling on or twisting the foot, injury while kicking or something falling on it can lead to sprains, fatigue, bruising or fractures that can lead to that pain.
  • Go to the doctor or an emergency room if your child suffered from pain after an injury or felt a sudden pain in his foot.
  • Limping does not necessarily indicate foot pain. A young child may limp due to pain from an injury anywhere in the buttocks, leg or foot.