Treatment Of Bile Disease In Babies

Can Babies Get Bile Disease?

Bile disease is a substance that is made in the liver. It is a yellowish, greenish, thick liquid that has passed through the bait. It consists of 90% water, protein, salts, and bile acids. It is collected in the bile duct and stored in the gall bladder for use during the process. Digestion of the food in the twelve, which facilitates the digestion and absorption of high-fat fats, where the liver daily produces between 500 to 700 ml of yellow.

The biliary disease

It’s one of the most common diseases in children, especially newborn or postpartum. It also affects adults less because of the breakage of red blood cells, Hemoglobin and its transformation into the yellow substance called bilirubin, and bile disease several types by the disorder caused by yellow matter:

  • Yellow Hepatic Epidemiology: The disease is caused by hepatitis C due to infection with the virus or due to lack of liver function due to infection or accumulation of toxins in the liver.
  • The ischemic disease occurs due to congenital narrowing of the bile ducts, presence of stones, benign or malignant tumors, chronic hepatitis or liver cirrhosis, or damage to the bile duct during cholecystectomy, one of the most serious.
  • The disease occurs because red blood cells are broken and they are inherited due to differences in the blood of the parents or due to a disorder in the child’s blood enzymes at birth and disappears within days and the majority does not need treatment.