Is Packaged Baby Food Safe?

Let’s Talk About Packaged Baby Food

Packaging and labeling can trick us into thinking certain foods and drinks are healthier than they actually are. And prominent marketing can also convince us that baby needs a product which she really doesn’t.

The packaged baby food in the supermarket offers numerous options ranging from classic glass pots of mush to tiny, overpriced packets of certified organic, no-added-anything finger foods. But are these fancy brands really better for your baby? Not necessarily. Several researchers and dietitians makes us aware how to avoid falling into the trap.

Good nutrition is one of the strongest foundations you can lay down to build your child’s immunity, allow them to reach their growth potential and developmental goals and ensure that they are happy and healthy individuals. However, in today’s fast-paced lives with full-time work, family commitments, everyday errands and long commuting hours taking up most of the day, parents often struggle to find the time to prepare healthy meals. The consequence is often depending to packaged, ready-to-eat foods, which are not only convenient but also claim to be nutritious and wholesome.